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Your interests first!
Your interests first!

Hi, my name is Althea and I’d like to tell you a bit about my life and why this site is so important to me.
I am 58-years-old, married for the second time, no children but a world of experience looking after my sister’s offspring.

My late husband developed dementia after having had a series of mini-strokes; so small that they were unnoticeable, even to his doctors until the damage had accumulated and the signs became unmistakable. At that time, I had to give up my job as bookkeeper and work from home to take care of him.

As you probably know, dementia doesn’t just affect the mind – losing the memory – but the body deteriorates along with the mind. For the last five years of his life, he needed my full-time attention as carer and I had to learn as I went along. It was a lonely existence for me but I made sure he always felt safe and loved even after he no longer recognized me.

We owned our own home, at least the bank owned it until it was paid off, we had escalating medical bills and day-to-day expenses that never seemed to end. I had to earn money for us! I had a computer so I started doing typing jobs for the local businesses but honestly, it wasn’t enough to hold body and soul together.

Internet Marketing

I didn’t know anything about internet marketing but I kept reading about all these fantastically wealthy people who earned money online, traveled the world, had million $ homes and so on, so if they could do it (with half the amount of education that I had), why couldn’t I?

I started off buying into their wonderful programs only to be burnt time after time, coming to the horrible realization that what they were selling was hot air! But I am naturally optimistic and besides I had bills to pay so I was really motivated.

I looked for lessons (free one’s) to teach myself how to build a website, how to monetize it, search engines, keywords, pay-per-click advertising, building lists, becoming an affiliate and so on. I tried everything over the next six years – working deep into the night while my husband slept.


I learned to recognize when someone was flat-out lying to me – or scamming as is the popular name for it. I learned what to look for in the legitimate sites and there were times when I was convinced there weren’t any. Even when I did find them, like the Multi-level Marketing sites which were popular at the time, actually making money was an uphill slog.

I determined that my lessons and experience would be used to help others out there, to find ways of making extra money without going through the expenses and heartache that I did. That is why I started this website to help you achieve your dreams easier, quicker and safely. It may not always be exciting, but you can be sure, it will be legit and it will be sure.

The businesses that I recommend are ones that I, myself belong to as an affiliate (I only promote the ones I believe in) or that I have investigated in-depth and I won’t recommend any products without personally trying them out first.


After my husband passed, I concentrated on writing fiction and have a full-length novel – a Psychological thriller and a number of short stories. I even ventured into the world of copywriting which I love and still is a lucrative income stream, but my first love is Internet Marketing and helping others.

I remarried four years after my husband passed. My new husband is a constant blessing to me. However, he is disabled! He was in a car crash when he was 22-years-old and just about every bone in his body from the head down, was broken.

The worst was his right pelvis. The doctors tried to fix it over the years and he ended up having 10 operations for prosthesis that wouldn’t work. The last time when he was in his 40s, the surgeon put a titanium pole down the inside of his thighbone and stupidly removed the hip muscle, effectively crippling him. He has walked using elbow crutches ever since with a built-up shoe as his right leg is 3cm shorter than the other.

I think he is the bravest man I’ve ever met. He never complained about the pain, the years spent in hospitals around the world, the unfairness of it all. His Indomitable Spirit kept him going and has influenced the way I look at life.

It is this for this reason that I have started this website. I know the challengers that disabled people face every day. Things that able people take for granted like getting on a bus, going to a restaurant, getting out of bed in the morning and so on. I will be featuring products that will make your life easier and ways of making money to supplement your disability grants.

You CAN live a full and productive life. Your disability does not define who you are. Your determination and independence, your kindness and understanding is what determines who you are!

So please feel free to contact me about anything that is in your heart. I would love to hear from you. If you have a question about the programs or products on this site, please contact me. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page and I’ll get back to you.

Your friend in need!


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