Left Foot Accelerator – Easy to Fit

LEFT FOOT ACCELERATOR – For all Automatic Vehicles

I found this product to be a lifesaver for my family. My husband was in a really bad motor accident when he was young and his right hip was crushed. After many years of operations (10 altogether), his hip muscles were removed and a titanium pole put down into the middle of his right thigh.

He has been using elbow crutches to walk for about 20 years and driving a car has always been hugely painful as he would have to use his left foot. Crossing the legs and pushing the right accelerator with the edge of his left foot caused major cramps in the calf muscle and his foot tended to slip off the accelerator. Not a great way to drive, so I had to take over all the driving.

But if he has to drive in an emergency? Thank goodness I found this LEFT FOOT ACCELERATOR. It was easy to install – my son did it in a few minutes. 

  • The product is portable and adjustable so it can be used in different automatic vehicles.
  • Suitable for anyone who has to use the left foot – amputees, diabetic neuropathy, stroke victims etc.
  • Easy to install – just follow the easy instructions.
  • After sales service is second to none. If you need spares – no problem, they are shipped to you the same day.
  • All products are shipped using USPS Priority Mail within the US and takes 3 – 5 working days.
  • Products shipped Worldwide.
  • 24 Month Warranty provided the instructions are followed. T’s & Cs apply.

This is by far the best LEFT FOOT ACCELERATOR I’ve ever tried. My husband loves it – it has given him his independence back – that is worth all the money in the world. This is very affordable. Buy Today, Drive Yourself this week!



To see how easy it is to install your Left Foot Accelerator, watch this short video.



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