I started this website because I am married to a man who is disabled, having walked with elbow crutches for 20 years. His right pelvis was shattered in a car accident and after 10 operations the doctors managed to get him to walk without too much pain

So I am very aware of the difficulties disabled people have doing the simplest things. This website is attempting to make your life as easy and pleasurable as possible as well as affordable. Not all of the products and jobs offered are as an affiliate. I want to bless your lives as well as make a living.   

Some of the items you’ll find on this site:


Want to start your own business from home?

Transport Your Community

It’s easier than you think and hugely profitable. Start a Non-Emergency Transportation Business. Very little capital to start up. You need a vehicle that can carry a wheelchair patient or enough seats for a few of the aged folk down the street and you’re in business. The best thing about this is that there are never a shortage of clients. You’ll be tapping into the world of the elderly as well as the disabled. Take them to their appointments and get paid by Medicaid! 

Watch the video – You’ll be in business by tomorrow!


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Lifestyle Aids – Left Foot Accelerator 

I found this product to be a lifesaver for my family. With my husband unable to drive using his right foot, he had

Left Foot Accelerator
Left Foot Accelerator

to rely on me to do all the driving and this essentially took away his independence. Until I found the Left Foot Accelerator.

It is portable – Easy to fit to any automatic vehicle – Affordable – Shipped to your home FREE of charge!

Watch the video to see how easy it is to install.


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Home Aids – To make life just that much easier!

These innovative products are the go-to products for all of those awkward-to-hold, difficult to maneuver

Aqua Creek Beach Access Chair

and frustrating times when you wish you had something better in your kitchen, bathroom, garden, garage and so on – to make life easier. There are thousands of products for every occasion and for many you haven’t even thought of yet. Be amazed at the range and affordability of these incredible products.

The Write Stuff Products Page HERE!


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The Crerar Hotels & Inns –  Yorkshire and Scotland

Make a booking at the most stunning Hotels in the north of the UK. Surrounded by the Lochs of Scotland, the Heather-covered Highlands and the beauty of the Yorkshire Downs. Combining the  Traditional with Modern, they make your stay an event and unforgettable experience. They are the only hotel Group in the world to give away 50% or more of their distributable profit to local good causes. This “Heart and Soul” philosophy is carried out though all 14 establishments. Here are just a few of the beautiful Hotels.









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Coming SOON –

  • Mobility Aids, Special shoes and boots for men and women and many more!
  • Specialized Products to age gracefully – Hair loss and greying hair reversed!
  • Shops and Restaurants that are Disable-friendly.
  • More Work-at-Home Opportunities.

If there is anything that you would like to see here or products you would like me to test out for you – please leave me a note in the form below and I’ll get back to you. 

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